Online Casinos in India

The world of online casino is a vast and beautiful place. Here we take you through the available options and opportunities that come from the online casinos in India. We are here to help teach you about the online casino industry, what you can play at a casino online, and discuss some of the legal and safety aspects of the online casinos in India.

So, if you want to invest your time and money and play with rupees to win rupees back, then our guide is going to share with you all the need-to-know information that comes with online gambling and casino entertainment.

Introducing online casino entertainment

India’s history is steeped in gambling. Before the British Empire took over in the early 1800s, India had an open culture that would be open to gambling. India even invented its own games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti.

When the British took occupancy, then in came India's gambling laws. The Gambling Act of 1867 has been updated and revised since. Casino management and the law was given to each state, in the context of forming an online casino, this would depend on whether a state in India obtained their own license. There are three main states in India with this, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

The laws allowed players in India to play at a casino online in another fashion, by joining the foreign platforms that were legally open to the Indian market.

Playing online is not illegal, the sites available to players are from overseas and come licensed by governing bodies like the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and the UK Gambling Commission.

Indian players are protected by not only regulatory protocol that helps to keep the casinos compliant to strict, yet fair rules, but are also secured by the high level of sophisticated security tools used and approved by the licensee.

Play to win real money in rupees

Gambling online is firstly about entertainment. It is an adult pleasure that should only be played out by those of legal age. Gambling is, of course, about the act of making money and the online casinos in India will allow and help you to achieve this.

Do not be foolhardy to think that winning is a given right. Success in any online casino is purely down to luck and chance. If you play at a casino online, you will discover that there are very few games reliant on skill alone. If you play with rupees, you may have to concede to the fact you will also lose rupees.

Nevertheless, the opportunity is there, and it is real. Playing casino games online is a means of making money and profitable sums too if you hit a lucky streak. You will find that there are hundreds of games available to play, each one with its own special jackpot or fortune to be won. And unless you are in it to play, you will not win.

Gambling online should always be approached with caution, this is why there are laws in place to only allow those 21 and over to gamble, but it is also something that should only be done if a player is financially secure.

The land casinos in India

Before the online casinos in India came about and before online casino entertainment was formed, Indian players could enjoy real money games from their own land-based casinos. Before 1800, there were many establishments for players to entertain themselves in. Now, if you want to play in a land-based casino for Indian players, then there is a lot of traveling to do because all the old places were either torn down and rebuilt into something else or it was redeveloped into some other business or property.

There are three main attractions in India, Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. In total, there are about 27 casinos within these regions and more states are planning to cash in on the lucrative advantages of having a gambling license.

Are there any benefits to playing in land-based casinos anymore? Well, with the world going digital and recessions hitting the high streets, land-based casinos are obsolete. They may remain as places for the rich and wealthy to gather but the truth is, if you can make money online faster, then this will dictate everything a player shows interest in.

How to be safe playing online

Indian casinos are regulated havens. They must go through hell and high water before they are allowed to service players online. Obtaining a license is a costly and time-consuming process that can take more than 12-months.

For all online casinos, so strict is the ruling they must comply too, they even have to advertise and show support to gambling addiction charities like

The vast selection of online casinos in India all follow these principles and rules. Each online casino will do their bit in keeping their members safe from the rest of the internet.

As with anything online, there is no guarantee of safety if you do not heed the advice offered by professionals. There are good casinos and then there are online casino platforms that are not good, set up with the malicious intent of scamming players.

Rest assured, we will guide you to the best casinos in India, that meet the industry standards, comply with the laws, and do guarantee a secure online experience and this also ties in with the optional banking facilities there are.

Research and knowledge are the key to it all. By stopping here to read this guide, you will be in a far greater position of understanding than most players that are too overly keen to play first and are, therefore, more susceptible to errors and risks.

How to find the best casinos online in India

Finding the right online casinos in India to join begins here. Gaining the knowledge of what they are and how they work, so that your judgement is more precise in selection.

So, what are the important factors to know about when it comes to the Indian casinos out there?

1: Every online casino is a business, they are there to make money and if you are lucky, you can too. But their end game is profit, so do not be overly seduced by gimmicks.

2: An online casino should provide the entertainment you are after. There are sites online that are clearly weaker than others and there is power in choice. If they can afford to provide more games, then they can mostly afford to payout more often.

3: Banking in India is a real issue. This is something you need to be aware of long before you sign up to a site to play and enjoy real money games. The Reserve Bank of India runs a strict policy on transactions associated with casinos and can block payments as a precautionary measure. This stems from their concern on money laundering and with them, it’s a no questions asked policy. Getting around this requires players to open alternative banking services to bypass the direct form of payment.

Selecting the best casino sites

With options comes choice and this can be beneficial, and it can also produce a rich problem. Spoilt for choice in this industry is always a good thing. No online casino is ever really the same as their competitor. The rich choice you have with the Indian casinos out there are award-winning examples of how diverse their services and features are. Sites like Dafabet, which is amongst one of the most popular and best casinos in India, provide a multi-gaming platform for their members, that not only offer the standard real money games in the form of slots and digital RNG gaming but also live dealer games, sports betting and much more.

Providing the right casino for Indian players is only part of the overall aspect of online gambling, what must come with the casino is the opportunity to have selective banking features, 24/7 customer support, bonuses, up to date security systems and much more than just the gaming.

Once you have an awareness of this, then selecting the best casinos becomes far greater and easier.

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